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Who knew there were so many glass choices?

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Glass is often the last thing people think of when framing either an object or a picture. We pick out the moulding, play with the mounts, decide on any conservation tactics to be used, or how to raise objects for depth. It seems only when we have it looking perfectly does glass even enter our minds. Which is odd really, when you think about it. Glass is the cherry on top, the final touch, the thing we all must look through to see our beloved items on display.


So why does no-one seem care about it? I think it's because most people don't even realise they have a choice when it comes to glass.


It's not simply "ok we'll put some glass on top"... It's do we need anti-reflection, should it have UV protection, will this change the look of the image beneath at all?


In reality, we have access to over 20 different types of glass here at Frame Effect, but in practice, it's really just three that we will usually use when custom framing a piece.


Clear Float

Used for basic framing when no UV protection is required, it's a very cost effective choice. This is what you would think of as "normal" glass, it's easy to clean but can show a lot of reflections. If you are framing something that isn't overly valuable this a great choice. Anything shiny however, such as a gloss photograph, this will intensify the glare and reflections, so that when standing in front of it (or with a light pointed at it) you may not be able to see the image itself so clearly, instead you will see your own reflection.


To overcome the drawbacks of clear float glass we have our most popular option, anti-reflection. This glazing dramatically reduces any glare or reflections, making it a perfect choice for anything with a gloss finish, or if it is going to be hung in a well lit area.
Anti-reflection glass also gives 50% UV protection, so not only does it allow you to see your items more clearly, it will protect them from aging and damage for years to come.


Museum grade glass offers amazing clarity, in fact the only thing you will need to worry about is fingerprints from people checking if there is in fact glass in the frame! It has the highest level of protection and cuts out 99% of UV rays, ensuring that whatever is behind it lasts for generations without signs of aging; they call it "Museum" for a reason. If you are framing anything valuable, or something with priceless sentimental value to you, this is the perfect glass choice.


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So there you have it, hopefully next time you get something framed the glass won't be just a last minute thought.

Do you have anything you've been wanting to get framed? What type of glass do you think you'd go for after reading this?



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