#PutItOnYourWall with Frame Effect!

Upload, Print & Frame - Information & Instructions

When adding to the cart, please make all your selections very carefully as we cannot return correctly supplied items. It is up to you to ensure you select the correct sizes, frame options, and shapes have been selected. Remember that if you select square, we will crop any rectangle photographs to suit.

After you have completed your purchase through the check-out you will immediately be sent a confirmation email. Please reply to the confirmation email with your photograph files attached. All images must be in JPEG format. For best results we suggest sending the highest quality file available to you.

If you are purchasing more than one framed photograph, it is very important that you label each photograph file correctly:

  • If you are purchasing multiple individual frames, be sure to label each photograph with the corresponding frame. For example, "DELICATA BLACK-SMALL-SQUARE" or "TASSIE OAK-LARGE-RECTANGLE".
  • For the Trio and Gallery Collections, label each photograph with the size you would like that particular image framed at. For example, with the Gallery Collection you would need to label two photos "SMALL", two photos "MEDIUM", and one photo "LARGE".
  • If you are purchasing two collections in the one order and they differ in either shape or frame selection, you will need to clearly distinguish which photo is to go in which frame. For example, if purchasing a second Gallery Collection you will need to add the shape and frame choice to the label. If purchasing a Gallery Collection along with a Trio Collection, you would need to add either "GALLERY" or "TRIO" to the label.

Depending on your email host, attachments will usually be limited to around 20MB per email. This should be plenty, however if your photograph files are too big to send, we suggest either putting them into a folder and compressing it, spreading the images over several emails, or simply contact us and we can give you instructions on uploading to either our Dropbox or One Drive.


If you have any questions regarding either the final product, or the purchase process that isn't answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will help you out.